O U R   H I S T O R Y

Since 1977, the year of our foundation, we have come a long way.

In 1983 we started production of painting systems and booths, and we expanded all over the world.


From Italy to the whole Europe, Russia, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, North America, South America and Australia.


Wherever there is a vehicle fleet, our systems are there. The decisive drive, however, has been the foundation of Saima North America, as the technological requirements of the U.S. market have led us to put particular emphasis on research, and thus on product improvement and fine-tuning.


We can say with certainty that our importers have made and are making our history: that’s why the company organises periodic refresher courses for them.

With the help of specialised and periodically trained technicians, they take care of thoroughly controlling and installing the systems.


The road ahead is still very long, and SAIMA is ready to accompany you.