Solidity is synonymous with credibility

Reliability is synonymous with quality

Eco-sustainability is synonymous with love

Solidity is synonymous with credibility. A long history made of passion and know-how in the field of painting, a consolidated worldwide network of collaborators and partners, a customization of products to suit the uniqueness of each project, a constant presence from design to post-sales services: all this has allowed us to create a relationship of trust with our customers and with our technicians that represents a true reason of pride for Saima Meccanica.

Particular attention is paid to the constant raising of our production and design level, that is a fundamental precondition to refine the systems, to renew the technologies and to be ready to meet all the challenges of the market in a timely and efficient manner. Each painting system derives from an accurate choice of raw materials, and from a careful control in the assembly of the individual elements, with the aim to propose booths able to last over time and to facilitate the daily work of body shops and industries thanks to high standards in terms of operating speed, air capacity, consumptions and management flexibility. All in a safe and healthy working environment, with minimum environmental impact.

Love for the people who every day operate our painting systems and love for the environment. To succeed in this, the attention to detail has a fundamental role: every system is the result of a careful alchemy between different technologies that are assembled to protect the health of our customers through the adjustment of the temperature, the suction of painting residues and the replacement of the air. Added to this is the commitment for the reduction of energy consumption and the treatment of processing residues to reduce the external emissions and to avoid every form of dispersion into the atmosphere of noxious substances.