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THE GROUP – The strength of a group with solid roots and a future-oriented outlook


The Saima Group was founded in 1977 as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery. Already in 1981, from the intuition of the managing director Paolo Moretti, this activity managed to find a strong identity through a specialization in two specific sectors: the production of spray booths for body shops with Saima Meccanica and the production of security booths for banks with Saima Sicurezza.

These two companies immediately demonstrated the right skills and dynamism to interpret the needs of constantly evolving markets and to expand their sales networks worldwide, offering a diversified range of products united by the same attention to the search for quality, innovation, reliability, and customization. Today, the two cores of the Saima Group have a leadership position in their respective sectors, making the Indicatore-based headquarters a true point of reference at an international level for technological progress applied to the painting and security fields.

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SAIMA SICUREZZA -Cutting-edge solutions for the security of places and people

Security booths, turnstiles, and tools for the protection of places and people. Saima Sicurezza operates in the electronics and mechanical market with the aim of developing the production of automatic access gates to areas that require high security and management of transit flows.
From the first security booths with metal detectors to the most advanced intelligent doors for access control, this company has always been recognised as a ‘pioneer of self-management’ thanks to continuous investments in research and development that made it possible to design and offer solutions with cutting-edge technologies. The flexibility of production has allowed Saima Sicurezza to adapt to the diversified needs of the customers, to broaden its range of action and thus go on to offer its products to banks, credit institutions, ministries, prisons, industries, football stadiums, subways, airports, and structures at risk, guaranteeing constant monitoring by an assistance network that relies on operators spread in Italy and abroad.
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SAIMA MECCANICA – Latest-generation booths for painting any vehicle and any object


Naturally reliable spray booths for body shops and industries. Saima Meccanica designs tailor-made systems to understand and satisfy every need with the use of high-quality materials, with the development of innovative technologies, and with the guarantee of a service that ranges from design to after-sales assistance. The company’s goal is to provide solutions for any type of paint job, with a coverage that has been extended over time from cars to airplanes, ships, trains and various industrial sectors, up to 3D printing objects and prototypes. The skills acquired through decades of activity in the sector allow us today to operate efficiently in every corner of the world through a network of partners and collaborators that guarantees a direct relationship with the individual areas and an ability to satisfy the most diversified needs. Finally, one of the strengths of Saima Meccanica is the attention paid to protecting the environment and people’s well-being through energy saving, the purification of processing residues, and the elimination of harmful substances.


The network

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Saima Meccanica is a global player, capable to operate and intervene with efficiency and rapidity all over of the world. Strongly rooted in Arezzo, where it was established and where today is located the entire production line, the company relies on a widespread professional network of partners and collaborators that ensure the direct relationship with all the markets, having the capacity to meet the more diverse business needs of our customers.

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Close to you, always and everywhere

From Europe to America, from Asia to Africa and Oceania: today our installations are used by companies of every continent, with 85% of our turnover deriving from the foreign market.
This expansion was possible thanks to our partners. Thanks to their constant training and updating, they have acquired all the abilities required to accompany every customer in its path of choice, from design to installation, jointly with a timely postsale service for maintenance and supply of spare parts. This gives Saima Meccanica a role of worldwide ambassador of the high production quality typical of Tuscan excellences.



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Everything must be painted. This idea is the basis of the work of Saima Meccanica and has allowed over the years to develop a total productive flexibility such as to satisfy every kind of request. We listen to the customer and assess the spaces at its disposal, we test and study the characteristics of the vehicles or of the products to be painted and design the most suitable systems for each activity. Customization is the outstanding characteristic of our company. With tailored solutions we are able to guarantee quick production, shipping, and installation, proposing booths where quality and technology meet to help and improve the work of each of our customers.

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Great attention is devoted to the development and growth of technical solutions to be applied to the systems; the study of the individual details allows us to identify and test innovative, customized solutions that allow to optimize operating times, operation logics and consumptions, with the aim to guarantee to the customer the best profitability. The continuous research of perfection is based on continuous tests, experimentation, research, updates to materials that, united to the necessary regulatory references, define Saima Meccanica as a company oriented toward the future.

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Design of painting systems for every sector

Systems tailored to the customer’s needs. Our work begins with the design of painting systems capable of satisfying the specificities of the different sectors and ends with the assembly of booths equipped with all the necessary technologies: from hot air generators to air thermoventilation, to air filtration. This flexibility allows us to provide customised solutions for paint ovens for every type of need: bodywork painting, vehicle painting, car painting, aircraft painting, ship painting, train painting, industrial painting, and 3D printing painting.


respect for the environment

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The attention to the future and to the environment is testified also by our choices oriented toward sustainability that have found a fulfilment in the design of a fully electrically powered booth. This green solution relies on the application of endothermic panels that make it possible to transmit heat by irradiation, replacing the traditional burner, and therefore ensuring a reduction of management costs, energy consumption and external emissions, together with faster and more efficient painting operations.